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※ Notes concerning home self-quarantine: (CECC Feb. 5 update)

※ Notes concerning home self-quarantine: (CECC Feb. 5 update)

1. Where the relevant authority has issued a Novel Coronavirus Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice, the individual is to wear a surgical mask and return home for home quarantine.

2.The local borough chief or borough clerk shall call the individual every day during the 14-day period to ask about the individual’s health status, and shall record the information obtained on a Health Status Record.

3.During the quarantine period, the individual is to stay at home (or designated location) and not go out, and may not leave the country or use public transport.

4.Symptomatic individuals will be sent to designated medical facilities for tests; the relevant health authority will also begin active monitoring.

5.Individuals not adhering to the CECC’s prevention measures will be penalized under the Communicable Disease Control Act and, where circumstances warrant, be forcibly placed.

For other information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control website at https://www.cdc.gov.tw or call the Communicable Disease Prevention and Reporting Hotline at 1922.
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