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Physical Examination of Freshman

update on Feb. 25th,2022

  • All the Freshman are required to complete the physical examination before the end of first semester in school. Even you are an ARC (Alien Residence Certificate) holder, you still need to do the “Freshman Health Examination.”
  • If you want to do the physical examination in NCKU hospital, NCKUH has provide two types of physical examination for 2022 Overseas Freshman to choose (General-NT$850/ For visa-NT$1300), please choose one of them after thinking twice or discussing it with OIA (Office of International Affairs) staff.
  • Be noticed, you’ll need to submit your physical examination report to the NCKU Health Center by yourself if you are not doing the examination during the Freshman Discount Period (Feb. 7th, 2022 - Feb. 25th, 2022).
  • Exchange students, who intended to stay in Taiwan for more than three months but less than 6 months, without the proof of positive measles, mumps, and rubella antibody titers or vaccination certificates, have to take MMR vaccine at the NCKU hospital or other private clinics at your own expenses.


1.  Types of physical examination

(1) General Physical Examination -NT$850(discount period) / NT$1200(without discount period)

(2) Physical Examination for visa-NT$1300(discount period) / NT$1680(without discount period)

  • Be aware, if you only have “visitor visa” and need to apply the resident visa for ARC, you may need to choose “Physical Examination for visa”.
  • Because there is daily limit number of “physical examination for visa (NT$1300)” in NCKU hospital, we'll schedule your date of examination according to the expiry date of your visitor visa and the dates you choose on the google form below.
  • Please follow the steps below to get your voucher and remember to complete the physical examination on the date we assigned for you.


2. Discount periods with different dates of entry
(only for new students admission in 2022 Spring)

Date of Entry to Taiwan

Before 31th. Jan, 2022

After 1th. Feb, 2022

Reservation period



Discount period



Other notice

No offer for weekends and holidays.

3. Booking way of physical examination

Step 1
Reading the instruction of system first. (
Student Health Curriculum System)

Step 2

Please complete the “Freshman survey” and print out the consent (NCKU for Freshman Physical Examination Consent for Release of Information) on single side(include two copies) in “Student Health Curriculum System”. 

Step 3
NCKU hospital has provide two types of physical examination for Overseas Freshman to choose (General-NT$850/ For visa-NT$1300), please choose one of them after thinking twice or discussing it with OIA (Office of International Affairs) staff.(Tel: 06-2757575#50460)

Step 4

(1) For Freshman who want to do the “General Physical Examination(NT$850)”please fill in the google form and complete the STEP 5, then you'll get a voucher within an email which sent by school after your rapid-test result has checked by NCKU Health Center.

(2) For Freshman who want to do the “physical examination for visa(NT$1300)”please check “ Schedule of Physical Examination for visa” list on NCKU Health Center website before you fill in the google form(set by NCKU Health Center) cause the daily limit on the number of people. We'll start to arrange the date, update the Schedule and email the details to you.  

Step 5
Do the rapid-test by yourself on the last date of self-health management and upload the picture which includes self-test's result, testing date, your chinese name and your student ID to theKUAP appin 3 days before go to the hospital or enter the campus. You may buy a rapid-test kit or get one from school with making an online appointment with the KUAP app. (pick-up method below)
·  Enter the KUAP app with student ID and make an online appointment for the rapid-test kit.
·  Pick-up Location:光復校區雲平大樓東棟二樓-環安衛中心。

·  Self-test Location:光復校區雲平大樓東棟一樓。

Step 6
Please fast for 12 hours before the health examination and bring all the required documents (check it below the websitewith you when going to the hospital on the appointment date of physical examination.

Step 7
After complete the examination, 
bring the pink payment receipt to the NCKU health center for stamping the admission procedure list.


What you need to prepare for Health Examination

  • Required documents: 
     (1) Admission letter
     (2) Passport / Visitor Visa
     (3) Fee
     (4) Voucher of physical examination 
    (show your email to hospital counter )
     (5) First Visit Registration Form 
     (6) NCKU for Freshman Physical Examination Consent for Release of Information (Please print it single sided
  • Registration Time:
    Monday to Friday 08:13~11:00(a.m.), 13:03~16:00 (p.m.)
  • Location of Registration Counter:
    Referral Center in NCKU Hospital Clinic Building (1F)
  • Health examination remarks:
    Please fast for 12 hours before the health examination. If you are really thirsty, you can have some water, but not any drinks with sugar.
    Please wear loose and comfortable clothing to attend health examination.

    For students on prescribed lenses, please bring the lenses on the day of the examination, so that post-treatment eyesight can be tested.

  • Sending of Report
    Once you finish the whole procedure, the hospital will send the report to you in 1 month.   If you choose “Physical Examination for visa”, the hospital will send the report to you in 10 days.​